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Vessel Chartering.

Handysize Chartering Pool offers innovative and forward-looking chartering solutions, built to make the chartering process more efficient regarding the practical rules, experience, and ethics. 

Handysize Chartering Pool is already getting approvals from hundreds of shipowners and shipbroker companies on our new business style. With the huge support of shipowners gives us flexibility and makes us correct the chain of your business. Our main priority is adding value through our responsiveness, reliability, our market information, and by offering 1st class service to our clients.

Through our global network, our clients can always rely on our dedicated Chartering Platform.

The Most Important Problem in Chartering Market is finding the best suitable vessel in position. Correct but the other important question is which freight level will be acceptable by this ship owners. We at The Freight Platform proudly announce our new module which offers our members to track vessel circulation and analyze their ETA, Tonnage, and Draft and sort them with freight estimation. This module gives a chance to reach the correct vessel rapidly and negotiation power with estimations.

The Freight Platform gives you direct access to suitable open vessels with just one click. You can calculate the freight, and you can reach the vessels in the open position if you think you can contact the shipowner with just one click. The Freight Platform supports you in decision-making and the application of advanced technology. It assists you in protecting your rights at every stage of the chartering process. With our developed algorithms, we support you by calculating the freight rate in the market conditions and providing you with the right ship just in time.

The Freight Platform calculates the actual rate on the master craftsman through the open vessels in your loading zone and indicates the most appropriate vessels. The Freight Platform saves you time by reading the email and verifying that the ship’s draft, ETA, built, and class details are all right.

With the asset values created by our experienced brokers, we calculate the cost of each ship correctly. A special algorithm estimates asset values according to the specifications of the vessel such as tonnage, grain capacity, flag, speed, consumption, gears, built, and TPC rates. The Hire Rates and Bunker Prices are regularly updated every day for the current market numbers. 

Our investors who support us for the risk we receive commercially support us in every phase of our work that is under control through the digitalization of our experience.

Please join us to move you to high standard levels in the decision-making phase for risk management and to meet in mutual point with us in your shipments.

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