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Dry-Bulk Cargo Freight

The Freight Platform calculates the actual freight rate on the master craftsman through the open vessels in your loading zone and indicates the most appropriate vessels. 

Handysize Chartering Pool specializes in the Dry Bulk shipping market. We serve our customers with any kind of cargo type between worldwide ports. Thanks to the artificial intelligence we have created for this diversity, we are using it to provide our customers with break-even freight within seconds.

We prepare customized agreements to increase our service quality and ensure that your work is completed at minimum risk levels.

Our company has established The Freight Platform through years of research and development activities. With our user-friendly interface, we are at your service 24/7.

Handysize Chartering Pool offers you to use our innovative chartering module and work for only the best candidates for mentioned shipments. The Freight Platform is calculating Tailor made freight rates for each suitable tonnage candidate and gives the opportunity to work for only fitted candidates. This State-of-the-Art application simplifies the evaluation of suitable vessels for mentioned shipment and is the perfect guide to the freight risk management and decision-making process.

The Freight Platform is the chartering platform, built to make the chartering process more efficient regarding the practical rules, experience, and ethics.

The Freight offers an innovative and forward-looking chartering platform, built to make the chartering process more efficient regarding the practical rules, experience, and ethics. Calculate freight using Real-Time market data and calculate a break-even point for both sides. At the same time, it prepares the most appropriate agreement for the efficient transportation of the burden and provides the information flow that you can reach even after a mobile connection at any moment. These features protect our customers against any bad situation. In the process of chartering a vessel will be with you and provide you with all kinds of experience and legal support.

Wisely, The Freight offers a user-friendly system designed and easy to use, and Users reach the appropriate vessels in seconds. Smart Ballast system brings you the most suitable long-distance vessels. Our system following the installation of the Shipowners will prevent you from spending time wasted by bringing you the right ships. The intelligent distance and weather calculation application will give you zero error margin in freight calculations. Thanks to many more innovative algorithms, customers’ satisfaction is ensured by making the decision steps required by experience without any mistakes.

Our system keeps strictly confidential information, and all the necessary terms and conditions are used for the charter party produced by the system for shipments.

You can find all the cost details on the ship’s comparison screen, which is proof that you find most appropriate. You can devote more time to your remaining work without worrying about chartering.

The Handysize Chartering Pool team, which manages the entire operation to support you throughout the process, is ready to support you at all times.

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